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Joshua Wanders, better known online as JoshDub, is an Australian gaming YouTuber, who is best known for his gaming content, primarily his virtual reality gaming videos.  Buy Joshdub Merch Here

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He frequently works alongside JoshDub, Mully, Your Narrator, EddieVR, JuicyFruitSnacks, and ReeKid. The first four of these individuals together with ReeKid make up The Boys.

Josh frequently features himself and several of his partners in various skits in his videos. He has been referred to by his management, Click Management, as a pioneer of VR entertainment on YouTube. He has also worked with artists like Crayator, Xtended Reality, and most recently SwaggerSouls. He has also worked with SMASHINGVR, a real-life friend.

Content On YouTube

Joshua’s primary channel JoshDubs mainly features his video game content, which includes, challenges, mod experiments, mod reviews, gameplay, VR gameplay stories, and other videos that fall under a wide range of video games entertainment.

His second channel DubDaddy primarily features reaction videos of him reacting to internet-based content.

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