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Who is joshdub’s girlfriend? We found youtuber’s partner on instagram!

Many social media users want to know more about Joshdub’s girlfriend after his recent video with her on YouTube.

A lot of people might be following YouTubers purely for their online content, but some are also interested to learn more details about their personal lives and partners.

Joshdub is a 30-year-old content creator of VR games and YouTuber from Australia.

He regularly shares gaming videos on YouTube where he has amassed an incredible following of 8.7 million subscribers.

Joshdub launched his channel back in 2013 and he also enjoys a lot of followers on Instagram – nearly 700k to be exact!

Before finding fame on social media, he was a factory worker in South Australia.

Joshdub’s girlfriend is called Kristy Cherise.

Kristy is an Australian gamer, Twitch streamer, content creator and YouTuber with nearly 40k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

While she has only a couple of videos on KristyVR, she has been posting regularly in the last few months and it looks like she will be building her channel a lot more.

You will find Kristy in a lot of posts on Joshdub’s Instagram and we found her handle if you want to follow her.

Kristy can be found on Instagram under the handle @kristycherise where she currently has 14.5k followers.

Back in 2018, she paid an emotional tribute to Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee who she was lucky to meet in person a few years ago.

Kristy has a love for costumes and she can be seen dressed as different gaming characters at events.

Kristy can also be found on Twitter.

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